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Nice one dude, a great project I take it you knew Nish Bruce

Nish was going to attempt this in the 1990's
check out some of his stories http://red-devils-freefall-team.blogspot.com

By the way this is a great site I have enjoyed browsing keep up the good work
Best Wishes



Interesting site, looks like its all going well, have you secured a pressure suit, and balloon for the space jump? Also what aircraft are you using for the 52,000ft jump, what kind of AEA are you using for the jump PHAOS or later variants as its difficult to get hold of much of the equipment for this kind of jump. Hope the 30K jumps went well in prep have made a HALO wingsuit jump myself back in 2005 and would be interested what you experience was.

have you also secured and appropraite AAD system for your reserve canopy.

All the best


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