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Ray Formosa

Hiya Steve

Sounds like you are really gaining momentum now mate. The kit you have just ordered sounds awesome. One question I would like to ask is. What footwear are you wearing to do this jump? Do you need any specially insulated /waterproofed boots to do it in Any specific colour to match your outfit?
If you do I am offering to develope a bespoke boot for your use in whatever colour or materials you require. It will be made in England, and of course all the development and supply of the boot will be free of charge to you.
It will be very exciting for me to be involved with you in a small but hopefully very useful way and provides a great excuse to get together and have a few beers every now and then. If you need any specialist kit made like your coveralls or hoods etc. Just let me know because thats what my company specialises in and it will be a pleasure to help you. I am off to South Africa tomorrow for two weeks. Back on the 26th Feb. So if I can help with anything, just get in touch with me when we get back. Take care you lunatic :o))
Ray Formosa


Hey Steve,

Sounds good, Hope your not mortgaging your house to over it all! How are you managing to get balloon envelope, Gondola AEA etc without sponsors as this has been the barrier to several others trying to achieve the jump, Michelle Fournier, Cheryl Stearns etc

Good Luck


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