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Julie Powell,  niece of Wag Bennett

Thank you for your kind comments in rememberance of Wag. I looked after his medical care following diagnosis of prostate cancer 5 years ago, being his niece. He has been a major influence in my life ( I am 52), and indeed on his children's life, and all those who knew him, and went to his gym., all of whom turned out at the funeral, which showed the love everyone has for him. I miss him greatly. A strong, great man, and from tough stock (his mother at 100 yrs of age, still going strong!), he is very deeply missed. Julie Powell.

Bernard Levy

I have known Wag for many many years, and really miss him. I also knew Nic, a small man with a big heart! Wags is a great place, and so are the guys who work out there so when I discovered the family were going to sell the gym, I wrote to Arnie asking that he preserve it in payment of the debt he obviously owes. He didn't even reply; so much for gratitute and loyalty...God rest you Wag Bennett, and the spirt you engendered in us all!

Stephen Truglia

Hi Bernard,
Thanks for your comment. Nick's real name (so Luke Bennett tells me), was Jeremiah Tyler, but we all knew him as Nick. He built most of the equipment in the gym as he was a welder.
I too wrote to Arnold just to remind him of the impromptu seminar he did for us back in the late 70's. He was staying with Wag and agreed to do a seminar with a few days' notice. It was a great treat.
It's a great shame Wag's is being sold, the end of a great era.

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